Glad midsommar!

Happy midsummer everyone and a special “glad midsommar” to my dear Scandinavian readers!

This past Tuesday, summer has officially begun and in Scandinavia, the summer solstice celebrations have started today. This weekend is purely dedicated to nature. For the Scandinavians, midsummer has a whole other meaning and relevance than for most of the rest of us. With dark (really dark) winters where they only get to see a couple of hours of daylight, it is more than understandable why summer is cherished like crazy (in a good way). Scandinavia with its unique bond with nature impresses me. Making the most of what nature has to offer, they take in all the beauty, all the astonishing lights that are in full swing these days.

Men and women, girls and boys all together sing the “frog song” and dance along the maystang which they have decorated beforehand. They embellish their heads with flower crowns and eat and drink and laugh, savoring the little things in life that in fact, are the greatest: nature and loved ones.

Let’s all be aware of what nature has to show us this weekend – glory in the changes, realize the beauty of sunrises as well as sunsets,  spend time outside and breathe in the fresh summer air and let the sun kiss your skin.

Glad midsommar and a wonderful summer beginning to you,

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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