after creating comes reinventing oneself

Everyone does things. Some people just pass the time by doing the necessary things, like working, eating and sleeping. Others, every once in a while, take their time to go after their hobbies that they have continued for years. The older we grow, the higher grows the likelihood of us sticking to habits including the way and the activities we arrange our free time with. Sure, there is no sense in giving up a hobby that you enjoy. But there is a risk of stopping to evolving personally due to decreasing adventurousness. Once we accept our schedules although the activities they include do not challenge us and therefore do not enthuse us, we must be aware of the situation and be willing to change it.
Throughout the first years of our lives, we create ourselves, build our character. We decide what we like and what we are good at. But the smaller the number of our main interests that are active parts of our lives, the duller it can get – having the results described above. The greater is the importance of reinventing ourselves, of discovering new territories.


Try something that you have never tried before – whereas “something” can be anything, such as learning a foreign language, skating for the first time, travelling to a new place, training to surf, dancing salsa. Just this week have I started a new sport and someone said to me: “But why? You are not good at it.” The person did not mean to be negative about it, he/she said it in a convinced and genuinely curious way. I asked: “How can you know?” And the answer that I have received has made me think about how wrong and limiting some people’s thoughts are evolving from social opinions. The answer was: “Because you have never done it before.” … Did the reason that you have never tried something before, make you not even attempting a new activity? Have you ever said “I don’t like it” even though you have not actually given it a try yet? Everyone should be aware of the things they say before letting the words leave their mouths – scratch “I don’t like” from your vocabulary unless you really know for sure. Scratch “I cannot do it” from your mind if you are not in fact sure of it.

Broadening one’s horizon and developing new strength is crucial both in a physical and mental way. Keep your schedules busy with joyful, challenging activities that shape your character and eventually feel strong and grow.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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