happy places or a description of an island’s (cottage’s) charm

Have you had a moment of complete mind peacefulness and zen in the past weeks? Moments where you can sort out things that you need time thinking about and solving in your mind for? Moments that you spend at an individual happy place without any disturbing external influences? Where you can spend your time doing whatever you please to do?

Every once in a while, that is what we all need – to spoil ourselves.

Imagine a charming cottage on a beautiful island. A garden that was created with so much love and patience, it spreads pure joyfulness if one just observes the details.

We need to visit a place to treat our tummy with delicious sunrise morning coffees, juicy fruits, exotic food and good wine in the evenings, our eyes with views of nature’s beauty and walks through lovely streets, our ears with nothing but bird twitters and the sound of palm leaves that blow in the wind, our bodies and souls with early morning meditation and yoga sessions and sunny swims.

Have you experienced that much inspiration at a place that you could do all those things being exactly who you want to be? Thinking only thoughts that you want to think? Sometimes, we need time to remind ourselves of our ideals and of the people we once decided we wanted to be.

For you, it may not be an island – it may be some place completely different. We all have a happy place – often it even changes over time.

If you would like to see impressions of the cottage and the island that I am referring to, you are welcome to visit my Pinterest board to rummage in my pictures.

Do you know your happy place? I would love to find out about it if you do. If not, I wish you have much fun exploring some for yourself!

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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