Dear readers, who are you?

I have been writing this columns’ blog for almost half a year now and it has been a great pleasure for me. Having this virtual place where I can set my creativity free and at the same time express my (enchanting) notions on various topics, realizing my passion about the written word, is a great thing itself. But having people actually reading my notions – that truly makes me happy.

Besides my happiness, I am also quite curious who you people are, whether you agree with me when reading my enchanting notions and what your thoughts are. Writing enchanting notions, I am mostly occupied with my views on topics and my personal observations of the world’s little as well as big things. If you are a frequent visitor and reader, you might know a little something about me as I give away strong opinions and hints of my lifestyle. But I do not know anything about you all …which I have been realizing more and more lately. I would love to know how you came across enchanting notions. What category of texts do you enjoy most? Do you relate to the things I write? Do you join my comments or do you disagree?

What is your story?

I would love to find out a little something about you all. Please feel free to send your enchanting notions to – I will be happy to read every single one!

Have a beautiful weekend full of sunshine and fresh air!

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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