A Sunday image

In a little town’s central square on a sunny Sunday at noon, a curly brunette, Amy, begins her day. The one holy day of the week, when everybody is resting and energizing for the week coming up, Amy is well aware of the importance of organizing her thoughts and plans in order to be starting off a week teeming with creativity. Sipping her cappuccino in a bakery café, she glances out of the window, observing two ducks sunbathing their way across the square. The habitants’ friendly conversations are passing by her ear. The charm of a little town never seizes to put a smile on her face. Holding a novel in her hands, Amy feels the relief and joy of a wandering mind, in pleasant anticipation of the day’s plans ahead with her happymaker(s).

Let your mind wander and your spirit be free.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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