claiming power over the course of life

Growing up, dreams that were once made up perfectly do not seem to be as eternal as planned in the first place. Up to a certain point, many of us strive for realizing our dreams. Some dreams get lost on the way, unfortunately. But even worst is intentionally letting go of a dream completely because our sense of adult responsibility and reasonableness blind one spot of our brains that was former in charge of us thriving into the perfect vision of ourselves. When it comes to following our dreams, should we be coping with rationality at all?

Once we made responsible and rational decisions in life and once we find ourselves in a safe place (financially and elsewise), most of us do not dare to changing a single thing that could risk the status quo. Most of us just settle for the comfortableness and suppress any thoughts of their former vision of how their lives should one day look. Surely, not every dream or vision that was made, is realistic. And not every life that is not the way we planned it to be, is an unfulfilled life. Sometimes we cannot even envision the bright future that we could once live – when this happens, it is better than any dream, vision or plan ever made. The most important thing is to be happy and content. And for many, it is their lack of self-fulfillment that leads them to unhappiness. We therefore must never avoid to take the time (and take a risk) to go after our dreams. If your dream was to be a dancer, take dance lessons, join a dance group and live your dream somehow. Never neglect your personal needs. And never ever let your daily grind make you feel like it is too late – it never is. Every moment that we spend living our dreams leads to multiple moments of happiness. It changes who we are, it makes us feel good about ourselves. The balanced relationship to oneself results in people perceiving oneself differently and ultimately improving not only the relationship that we have with ourselves but also with the people surrounding us.

We should never settle for less than happy. Especially when it comes to the life that we only live once.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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