like a hobo or a settled man?

The past weeks, I have been in charge of the public relations of an interior designer and therefore have written multiple texts about interior design and decoration. Decorating homes is a hot topic these days. It is a trend that is followed and advocated by many – also by US television host Ellen Degeneres who released her interior design book “Home.” in 2015. People spend so much time, effort and money into making their homes pretty and fashionable. And when they are bored, they change the whole concept of start all over again – re-painting their walls in new colors, buying new furniture and so on.

Frankly, I have never understood the point of interior design. Writing those PR texts, there were moments that I thought “Wow, how much of a time waster”… But then again, I am amazed by exactly how much importance people attach to interior design. It appears to be coming along with settling down and also settling in – which might be even worse. Sure, lying in a cozy bed during winter time is essential to sleeping well and getting rest. And yes, homes can be seen as a reflexion of ourselves. But still, it is a materialistic belief that we hold on.

Would you prefer being attached to not only things but also a place or would you rather save your time and money for else what activities which really shape us as humans and not only our homes? Shouldn’t we be living a real life and doing stuff?

Personally, I prefer the life of a hobo over a settled man’s. With a free spirit instead of a busy mind. How about you?

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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