Oscars recap: THE red carpet event

PRE-NOTE: Due to a crazy busy month, I have not been able to post any new notions. I am terribly sorry. This post was meant to be published a week after the Academy Awards took place. When reading this notion, try to think back to that most glorios night of the year.

The highly anticipated night of all nights has come and past once again on February 28, 2016 – and it has left a mark (a very beautiful one, to be precise). From award-winners to wow-winners, the Academy Awards has brought Hollywood’s finest to one venue. Let’s take a moment to recapture the most important things of the night…

It was an evening packed with big impressions. One of the happenings that stood out most was Mad Max: Fury Road winning six Oscars and Spotlight  winning “best picture” whereas The Revenant had been the most likely to win in that category. A huge sigh was elicited when Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his long-awaited Oscar in the category “best actor in a leading role” for his performance in The Revenant – leaving Eddie Redmayne empty-handed, although he would have much deserved the Oscar for his performance as “Lily” in The Danish Girl. His cast member on the other hand, the beautiful and talented Alicia Vikander, won in the category “best actress in a supporting role” for her powerful performance as Gerda Wegener in The Danish Girl. DiCaprio’s as well as Vikander’s acceptance speeches were the most affecting of the night – DiCaprio raising awareness for environment protection and Vikander being genuinely overwhelmed by the Academy paying tribute to her. With her speech, her sincere naturalness as well as her stunning yellow dress, she won Hollywood’s hearts – if she had not already done so. Her refreshing enthusiasm paired with total professionalism represent a wonderful new (old) era for the film industry in Hollywood. One that is genuine and energetic, one full of strength, optimism and pure bliss.

The next wonderful night full of Hollywood magic awaits us next year. Until then, let’s dream big.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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