the power of flower

With February being the last official month of winter, there comes along a joyous phase of plan making of the things we all missed doing during the cold season. Maybe you have not spent as much time outdoors as you would have liked due to the freezing temperatures? Do you maybe realize the lack of nature from the past months kicking in whenever spring is right around the corner, reminding you of nature’s beauty?

There are activities that we go after in our free time that are healthier than others – that in mind, spring does us a glorious favor as it simplifies our motivation in creating a healthier free time. We can comfortably stay outdoors without several layers of clothings and we can plan all our free time activities around this one theme “outdoors”, such as gardening. Especially around Valentine’s Day, the one or the other has come to discover or re-discover how much of a mood booster flowers are. Taking care of plants and keeping oneself busy with flowers has a powerful and meditating influence on oneself – it eliminates tension and releases happy thoughts. In our time of digitalization and speed in every aspect of our lives, it is of high importance to regularly lay back and let our minds wander. But that said, we do not literally have to do nothing in order to relax. Doing something productive in a natural environment can do just the thing.

This last few weeks before spring, let’s already bring some beauty in our homes and care for indoor plants. Let narcissuses enrich your living room with its nice smell. Let daisies put a smile on your face. Let roses make you think of love. Let’s appreciate flowers and enjoy their beauty.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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