Cupid’s arrows

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Five sleeps left until lovers celebrate their loved ones. And five sleeps long will the lovers-less endure the anticipation of the one holiday of the year that is not granted for them. Originally celebrating Saint Valentine for standing up for love by secretly marrying couples against the Emperor Claudius’ will, the Valentine’s Day has become an important holiday of love all over the world. A popular character found on cards or as figurine is Cupid with his Golden Arrow that is believed to evoke desire and love – one out of two kinds of arrows that he has. The other one is the Leaden Arrow which has the opposite effect.

Just like Cupid’s arrows, Valentine’s Day has two different kinds of effects on people. Those who are in a mutual love relationship enjoy the holiday, receive flowers of all kinds and pralines, write love letters, have a romantic candlelight dinner with their valentine and savor the moments as twosome. For the others – the singles – February 14th is only a hurtful reminder of them being lonesome, of past relationships that did not last or of their crushes who will not return their affection. Singles tend to feel sad on Valentine’s Day – even if they are okay being single throughout rest of the year.

I love February 14th and celebrate it every year – whether I do have a valentine or not. On Thursday, I will give you the ultimate guide to celebrating a wonderful, memorable Valentine’s Day as a single and enjoying every bit of it.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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