protecting our source of energy

Every single citizen of the planet Earth makes an impact on our future. Whereat “future” includes various different aspects. Many of them we cannot even measure or we do not bother calculating their outcome as the impact is too little or too momentary. Naturally, there are aspects whose influence we simply cannot do anything about. But there is an aspect of our future that is affected by us monumentally and also measurably, that we do need to handle actions with caution. This aspect is: nature – our all lives depend on it. And fortunately, everyone can contribute to nature maintaining its strength that provides us with energy.

There are many little things that one can do to protect nature. Simple things, really. Here is some advice on how to contribute to a greener future for all of us:

  • Handle resources advisedly, i.e. avoid hour-long showers, do not keep the water-tap running while brushing your teeth, unplug whatever device if not in use, try not to waste papers, do not leave the lights on if not needed, do not print documents you do not need printed.
  • Surround yourself with plants, i.e. plant a tree in your garden or get house plants and care for them. This way, you provide a natural, calming environment at your home, which has positive effects on your stress sensibility and your mood.
  • Avoid plastic bags, try reusable bags. You can keep a tote bag in your actual bag for your groceries shopping.
  • Use organic cosmetics. Try not to use sprays (such as hairspray, deo sprays). You will realize that your skin will appreciate it.
  • Do not buy stuff that you do not need. Sooner or later it becomes trash.
  • Avoid eating meat that travels long distances. The process of a piece of meat that is served on your plate is one of the major aspects that we face when talking climate change. Factory farming is pure cruelty, what makes it even worse is that it also comes along with enormous amounts of chemical food for the animals, which leads to more space of the Earth being used to grow those chemically, genetically modified food for the animals, which we again eat as well by eating meat.. It’s a crazy process that is nothing but unhealthy. You do not have to pass on meat in general. I do not either. Just try to keep it regional. Which brings us to the next point.
  • Try to buy seasonal organic food that comes from your region. This way, you do not contribute in the economy’s long transportations that lead to more air pollution. And you support your local farmer/economy, which is great. Also, it is healthier for you, as your food is fresher (due to its shorter transfer) when you buy it.

The list goes on and on – as you see, there are multiple ways to make good decisions in on a daily basis! If you have more tips to go green, feel free to comment below. I’d be happy to hear from you.

A blossoming environment make for healthy humans. Healthy humans are happy humans.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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