constant gleam of green light

The Christmas days have passed once more. Another jolly time that we have been lucky enough to experience. Thinking of the most precious and contemplative times of the past days, the brightly green fir tree has taken a grand part in making Christmas time feel the way it always does: warm with contentment and felicity. Sitting by the tree, sipping a hot coffee and collectively enjoying the quiet time reading a book has been my most favorable moment. And it just would not have been the same without the glance of a shiny green tree right by our feet. When imagining the tree’s current place to be empty after only few days, it does arouse sadness.

Describing the green fir tree, “green” does not only define the color of it. “Green” stands for life, for the vitality we adore to see in plants. And plants are not only means to decorate our garden or our interior – aside from the fact that we could not exist without the oxygen that is given to us by plants, they are majorly directing how we feel. Just as the fir tree does during Christmas time. We must treat them as they deserve. The better and the more respectfully we treat nature with its plants, the happier and more balanced we will become in result. Nature is giving us everything we need to cheerfully live, let’s cherish every bit of it and take it in to then put out the positivity it generates inside ourselves. That way, the gleam of nature can endure constantly with and within us.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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