naughty or nice

Christmas is around the corner and everybody gets into the holiday spirit. Carols are to hear everywhere we go. The shops are filled with last-minute gift shoppers and at the Christmas markets, people enjoy plenty of mullet wine. Walking the streets, we marvel those beloved Christmas lights. At home, we sit by the Christmas tree and sip a cup of hot chocolate, cozily covered up with a fluffy blanket. The smell of freshly baked, delicious cookies is in the air.

It is the time of year when we let ourselves feel light and be reflective. We sum up this past year, thinking of what we did and did not do. Did we experience something exciting? Did we reach our goals? Have we been nice to our beloved ones and let them know, how much we care? Should we have handled particular situations differently, looking at it in our present perspective?

Kids know that Santa Claus is watching them throughout the year (if not Santa himself, it is the elf on the shelf). What about us adults? We should not need a reminder to be nice. But nonetheless, let us just be a little less hard on ourselves this year. Let’s try to see the positive side of the past happenings, let’s try and make the last few days before Christmas be filled with love and happiness – overwhelming anything bad that we might have done the past months. If it was not your year, turn things around this Christmas – make the most of the bright and jolly holiday season!

Merry Christmas to you all!

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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