from letters to snaps

The adorable movie “You’ve Got Mail” was released in year 1998. A heart-warming story of two email friends who kept taking their time to write each other about their thoughts and feelings, about everything that is important to them, choosing their words wisely. The act of getting in front of a computer, starting the computer and finally typing in thought- and meaningful words was valuable and a romantic gesture back then. It was not so much different from sending actual physical letters. It was a consciously made decision and pleasant anticipation of communicating whatever Joe Fox (played by the brilliant Tom Hanks) and Kathleen Kelly (played by the one and only Meg Ryan) were concerned with. Exchanging personal thoughts and issues soon led to romance lighting up.

Letters and emails were romantic and much appreciated by the receiver. What do people send each other nowadays to show that they care and that they pleasantly take time for expressing themselves to someone in a romantic way? Emails being outdated as a way of personal and romantic communication, people now swiftly send short messages. Defining messages these days means including snaps, vines and other fast and short communication tools. Those are great for having fun with friends, quickly arranging appointments and simply entertaining people. But doesn’t it feel like all these modern messaging tools cut back on romantic communication? Shouldn’t we deliberately sit down and take the time to actually write important things every once in a while instead of sending out random ultra short videos or odd pictures?

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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