our body is our temple

Our body is our temple. Those are wise words that many people know by heart. Some of them even use the term every once in a while. But unfortunately, not all who know the term, actually live after it.

Actors for instance treat their body just like a temple because their body is their major tool. It moves, it represents a character and it has to function flawlessly throughout endless hours working on set. In order to being able to take advantage of the body’s best performance, the actor eats healthy, gets enough sleep and works out regularly. This results in a strong body that they can make use of powerfully – and therefore happily – throughout their day without any complaints.

Assuming the majority of non-actors being people with office jobs, one can claim that those people put their mental skills over their body when naming their major working tool. A bright mind is important for sure. But sadly, treating the body as it deserves is neglected. The influence of the body on the mind is highly underestimated. Why should we let our profession define how much importance we have to assign to our body?

There is no excuse for neglecting what should be our priority as is reflects the inside to the outside. The inside is what we think of and about ourselves and our environment – working out on a regular basis makes us think happy thoughts as we build endorphines and eating clean helps us working out more easily. The outside is the body in its visual functioning, our skin, our poise and the expression on our faces. But that is not the only point. Working overtime too often, thinking bad thoughts and eating unhealthy food stresses our body out, until it refuses to work properly.

We should be appreciating and taking the best out of what is ours. Not just for a couple of weeks when the New Year strikes, but rather in sustainable terms.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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