sweet wildlife dreams

It is a snowy scenery up north in the beautiful Scandinavian countryside. The air is ice-cold, leafless trees are icicled and the waters are frozen. It is daytime as three young bears enjoy the rare hours of daylight romping around in the snow while their mother is all ears for a prey to catch and serve her bear cubs as lunch. The bear cubs are carefree as they frolic with one another. Their breathing is not only hearable, but there are also visible clouds forming around their noses when they breath out the cool air.

While the sun begins to set, a lynx appears on the other side of the water. He attentively approaches the bear family, looking fragile and hungry. But never would he be bold enough to pit himself against four strong bears considering his bony silhouette. He only wishes to find a warm place to rest until the sun rises again.

Mother bear is fairly guarded when she notices the presence of the lynx. They are  not natural enemies. But still, she has to be cautious to protect her beloved bear cubs. She eyes the lynx carefully and soon realizes the poor condition he is in. She makes her sweet bears crawl together at a tree to warm one another during the cold winter night that is almost ahead of them. Cuddling up with her cubs, she feels sorry for the lonesome lynx lying by the water and quietly snivelling in sorrow. The bony but still beautifully cute lynx misses someone to warm up with, so that he could at least sleep off his hunger.

Mother bear cannot resist to approach the poor lonely lynx being really careful not to scare him off. The lynx backs up instinctively. But when their eyes meet and rest on one another, it happens: the lynx comes closer and mother bear offers her nose for a sweet proof of peace. They sniffle each other for a while, before mother bear takes back off to her cubs. The lynx follows slowly. When mother bear notices his shakiness, she turns to him and shoves him endearingly towards her three bears. They lay down together, cuddling up to beat the cold. Being stiff at the beginning, the lynx soon relaxes completely, feeling safe and welcome and most importantly warm.

Meanwhile it has become absolute darkness, when suddenly a light comes up at the sky… The northern lights beam in various colors making this wonderful encounter between the bear family and the lynx even more magical.

Dröm sött (sweet dreams), as the Swedes beautifully say,

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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