being our perfect selves

Some time ago, I came across a statement on the Internet that has kept me thinking ever since.

“If the whole world was blind – how many people would you impress?”

A very interesting question. Imagining a world without the optical first impression as we know it and without being able to score by outlook appearances, you probably expect to feel relieved. But think about it. We invest so much time and afford to look stylish and nice and from time to time, way too many of our conversations deal with superficial content. Would we be able to compete with the status that we have through our look, if we only had everything about ourselves but our looks? How differently would we begin to express ourselves? Would we try harder to be informed about happenings in our world? Would we change the sound of our voice? How about the others – would we give our counterparts more time to talk about themselves, before we make up our minds about them? Am I my perfect self inside and out? What does “perfect” mean to me if my outlook does not matter any more?

This quote raises a lot of reflectional questions. Let’s start dealing with them.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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