the width of an intriguing ensemble

On ice-cold winter nights with starlit skies and the air so fresh, we barely can stop staring up and breathing in deeply. Admiring the width of the sky, we wish to have a greater insight on the intriguing ensemble. Considering mankind’s significance within the Earth, our “system” so-to-say, is fairly easy. But putting it into another level in cyclopedic terms, we become almost circumstantial.

Desiring for a broader knowledge of it all, we get the feeling of pleasant anticipation that insights of the outer world – the universe – will be beyond truthful and life-changing, even life-enriching.

Maybe this kind of anticipation evolving from ignorance is to be valued far higher than the actual profound knowledge of the circumstances on other planets and its inhabitants. Perhaps it is comforting ignorance of a world that we ourselves can put together exactly the way we want to in our imaginations. Maybe it gives us the opportunity to dream of pretty places, stunning creatures that we – one day – will be lucky enough to meet. What if the universe is not all there is? What if the universe as we know it only is a part of an even greater whole, some construct that our imagination is not capable of grasping?

Take the next starry winter night as a chance to let your imagination run wild.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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