a declaration of love & deep appreciation

Thanksgiving is already over. But let’s just take a second and be thankful for our daily companion.

The one companion that we look forward to the most when going to bed. It is the first thing that we think of in the morning. The only companion that keeps us walking out of bed when it is still dark outside. The companion that – with its marvellous smell – puts a sunshiny smile on our faces even when the weather is frightful.

The one companion that catches our midday low and fills us up with energy to make it through busy days. The only companion that we indulge in during long working hours. The companion that warms our tummy and that we reward ourselves with every now and then.

It is the one companion that we allow when we spend long hours talking to our friends about life. The only companion that is our favorite excuse to meet with special someones at late hours… The companion to snuggle up with on cozy Sunday mornings.

It is there for us whenever we need it, it pleases and enriches us emotionally, physically and mentally and gives the badest days a positive touch. Thank you, Coffee, for everything you do for us!

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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