pretty little distractions

Womankind gets rapt away so easily when it comes to nicely wrapped or lovely looking things. For little ladies it is glittery ballerina shoes, for teenage girls it is a colorful bag, for women it is sexy sequined lingerie. Our male opponents on the other hand fall for monstrous, grand stuff with much power (story of their lives). Well, we all seem to fall for something. But it is commonly things.

Materialism has taught us to “need”, to “cherish” things, consumerism teaches us day-to-day how and where to get those “essential” things. What is it about our society that we are never satisfied with all the things we already possess?

The reason why we keep on buying is mostly because we try to satisfy needs with products that cannot be satisfied this way. We do not need another pair of fancy stilettos to survive. It is not for the third extravagant sweater that makes us outlast this winter. And surely, we do not physically depend on the newest smartphone to get through the day. Those things distract us from what we really need, what we really should be thriving for. Certainly, we do not have to pass on products that simplify our lives tremendously (such as a washing machine or a dryer). However, people of our society should more frequently ask themselves if they really require stuff. What we really need is a healthy lifestyle that shows in our outside appearance. Healthy does not only include to eat healthy food and do sports on a regular basis. It means to love each other, to respect one another (primarily ourselves) – it includes to accomplish our personal goals in life and be happy with the people surrounding us and with our daily activities. Once one reaches this point or inner contentment, there is no emptiness that causes false-driven consumption.

Start thriving for peace with and within yourself, the rest will come along.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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