growing alongside, yet apart

It is funny how we claim that “people change”, referring to traits of a person that we either realize to dislike or suddenly start to actually like. There are so many ways of human development. From the rather slower development of oneself into a stronger version of our present self, to a varied kind of character of who we are right now, or even the transformation into a complete opposite type of human than before. Us thinking about the others undergoing the major characteristic change is us not realizing our own. But as a matter of fact, we all do change mentally and personally over time – one way or the other.

Probably the weirdest way to experience characteristic change in a human being is the one that occurs right before our eyes. Friends or family that we have known for years and spent much and precious happy times together, we cannot relate to as we did for all our life. People we connected with on almost every level, that we shared hour-long laughs with, people by whom we felt most understood and finally those humans we maybe felt the safest around, suddenly feel strange to us. Have you ever had a best friend that you – from one moment to another – felt uncomfortable sharing your personal secrets with, even though that person had been your soulmate for the longest time? Someone you shared your goals, ideals and ideas with? Who simply went for something totally different? Or did you feel like moving on from the things you held onto for such a long time, being aware of a hole inside of you that needs to be filled elsewise?

Multiple environmental issues and situations define who we continuously change into. Depending on the tiniest influences we have experienced before, we react differently from one another when undergoing even the same phase of life. We grow alongside, yet we sometimes grow apart.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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